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Procedures Followed in Decision Making Process including Channels of Supervision / Buildings and Housing Department Follows latest state Pwd Code of Manual

Activities of Buildings and Housing Department: Construction of Buildings. Construction of Government buildings. Buildings and Housing Department is responsible for construction and maintenance of buildings to be used for official accommodation as well as for residential purpose. Construction of buildings under different schemes is in progress. The inventory of all assets is maintained by the department. Statistical information. Maintenance of statistical information regarding buildings in prescribed register division-wise is one of the most important activities. In each division the permanent register of buildings contains detail information on type of construction, year of construction, location of construction and the plinth area etc. Work proposals:- For building works pertaining to other departments based on their requirements the proposals are prepared either using the type designs or using the special drawings as approved by the Chief Architect in consultation with the Chief Engineer are prepared for the purpose. For turnkey projects: Works to be taken up through private firms, the detailed preliminary and final feasibility report is done either departmentally or through consultants appointed for the purpose and proposals are placed before the government for according approval of the projects. Administrative approval: The estimates for building works are prepared based on the current S.O.R. approved by the government for working out the cost of the project. The estimate so prepared alongwith the drawings on which the estimate is based is submitted to the competent authority for according administrative approval to the project. Necessary preconditions for taking up the works are specified in the orders for according administrative approval. The first and the foremost being availability of the requisite funds through budget provisions. Strict instructions are contained in the administrative approval informing the departments not to incur any liability unless the funds are arranged as above. Sanction of estimates: After the administrative approval is accorded, the estimate is further submitted for sanction by the competent authority. Technical sanction: Technical sanction is accorded to the detail estimate approved by the competent authority based on approved prevailing schedule of rate. Schedule of Rates: The Estimated for works are based on the Govt. approved schedule of rate which is revised from time to time. Land acquisition: The land acquisition is required for construction of buildings. The department formulates and pursues land acquisition cases for new building projects and also the court cases related to the project. Invitation of bids: The agency for execution of works is fixed by floating NIT. In this regard tender notice is floated through the I.P.R Department for wide publicity in the interest of the public. Processing: Tenders so received are processed as per the procedure given in P.W.D code and manual. These are scrutinized by competent committee and comparative statements are prepared. The offers received are compared with the updated cost of work as per the current schedule of rates of the department. Lowest Offer: The valid tenders are examined and the lowest tender is the work provided the rate quoted by him/her is found reasonable and workable and work order is issued there to. Commencement of work: On issue of work order, a proper layout as per approved drawings is marked in the worksite keeping in view the land boundaries. Measurement and Payment: The measurements of work completed during the month and recorded and checked/cross checked by the Engineer-in-charge competent engineer before the bills are prepared for payment.


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