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Procedures Followed in Decision Making Process including Channels of Supervision / Buildings and Housing Department Follows latest state Pwd Code of Manual

Activities of Buildings and Housing Department: Construction of Buildings. Construction of Government buildings. Buildings and Housing Department is responsible for construction and maintenance of buildings to be used for official accommodation as well as for residential purpose. Construction of buildings under different schemes is in progress. The inventory of all assets is maintained by the department. Statistical information. Maintenance of statistical information regarding buildings in prescribed register division-wise is one of the most important activities. In each division the permanent register of buildings contains detail information on type of construction, year of construction, location of construction and the plinth area etc. Work proposals:- For building works pertaining to other departments based on their requirements the proposals are prepared either using the type designs or using the special drawings as approved by the Chief Architect in consultation with the Chief Engineer are prepared for the purpose. For turnkey projects: Works to be taken up through private firms, the detailed preliminary and final feasibility report is done either departmentally or through consultants appointed for the purpose and proposals are placed before the government for according approval of the projects. Administrative approval: The estimates for building works are prepared based on the current S.O.R. approved by the government for working out the cost of the project. The estimate so prepared alongwith the drawings on which the estimate is based is submitted to the competent authority for according administrative approval to the project. Necessary preconditions for taking up the works are specified in the orders for according administrative approval. The first and the foremost being availability of the requisite funds through budget provisions. Strict instructions are contained in the administrative approval informing the departments not to incur any liability unless the funds are arranged as above. Sanction of estimates: After the administrative approval is accorded, the estimate is further submitted for sanction by the competent authority. Technical sanction: Technical sanction is accorded to the detail estimate approved by the competent authority based on approved prevailing schedule of rate. Schedule of Rates: The Estimated for works are based on the Govt. approved schedule of rate which is revised from time to time. Land acquisition: The land acquisition is required for construction of buildings. The department formulates and pursues land acquisition cases for new building projects and also the court cases related to the project. Invitation of bids: The agency for execution of works is fixed by floating NIT. In this regard tender notice is floated through the I.P.R Department for wide publicity in the interest of the public. Processing: Tenders so received are processed as per the procedure given in P.W.D code and manual. These are scrutinized by competent committee and comparative statements are prepared. The offers received are compared with the updated cost of work as per the current schedule of rates of the department. Lowest Offer: The valid tenders are examined and the lowest tender is the work provided the rate quoted by him/her is found reasonable and workable and work order is issued there to. Commencement of work: On issue of work order, a proper layout as per approved drawings is marked in the worksite keeping in view the land boundaries. Measurement and Payment: The measurements of work completed during the month and recorded and checked/cross checked by the Engineer-in-charge competent engineer before the bills are prepared for payment.

Powers and duties of Officers and Employees

The control of the operations of these wing vests in " Government of Sikkim" and at Government level this control is exercised by Minister, Buildings and Housing Department assisted by PCE-Cum-Secretary,Buildings and Housing Department. The PCE-Cum-Secretary,Buildings and Housing Department is in charge of construction and maintenance of Government buildings in the state assisted by Chief Engineer who is in charge of administrative and technical control of the department. The Buildings and Housing Department has 2 circle offices, each headed by Superintending Engineer (South/west) and Superintending Engineer (North/East) in Jorethang and Gangtok respectively. Both the Superintending Engineers are responsible for administration and execution of works within their circles. Under Superintending Engineer(N/E) 3 Divisional Engineers in-charge of Divisions are posted at Gangtok and under Superintending Engineer (S/W) 2 Divisional Engineers are posted at Gyalshing in West Sikkim and Namchi in South Sikkim Each of them is having a jurisdiction of Districts, Gyalshing in the West District and Namchi in the South District. Assisting the Divisional Engineers there are 8 Assistant Engineers posted at different Sub-divisions located in all the 4 districts in the state. The prime source of any information related to the works are the Sub-Divisional and Divisional offices. Other than the Circle office as mentioned above, one Planning and Monitoring office headed by Superintending Engineer is also is working under the control of the PCE-Cum- Secretary for maintaining strict adherence to the rules and norms set for carrying out the technical checking of the project estimates. The Architectural Wing advises the Department on all questions relating to building plans in general, architectural treatment, selection of sites, approval of layouts, etc. and carries out technical scrutiny of plan of buildings proposed to be erected/constructed by Government. The Architects also prepares type drawings of different Housing Complexes and other administrative & functional buildings. The architect prepares drawings/plans after taking into consideration the various requirements of the concerned Department and submits to scrutinizing Committee for approval, as per necessity. The architect prepares working drawings and inspects buildings, at certain stages, from architectural view point to ensure proper construction as per the plans & designs . The Electrical Wing is headed by Divisional Engineer (Electrical). This wing prepares Plans and Estimates for electrical installation in Government Buildings and carries out supervision on such works. The Department is in charge of maintenance of all residential and non-residential buildings of State Government Departments. The Department thus deals with 2 classes of works 'Original Works' and 'Repairs &Maintenance". The expenditure under these classes is maintained separately. The term 'Original Works' indicates construction of entirely new works or even of alterations to existing works. The term 'Repairs and Maintenance' indicates primary operations undertaken to maintain in proper conditions the building works. For every work initiated by the department , the administrative approval is obtained, prior to taking up the work. Department primarily executes the following different vivid development works: • Construction of Government public and residential buildings. • Maintenance and Repairs of existing Govt buildings. • Undertaking Building project works relating to different Departments of Govt.of Sikkim as well as of other Local Bodies. • Fixation of rent of Private premises requisitioned for housing Govt. offices. For execution of works field officers scrupulously follow PWD Code and Manual, Accounts Code, Specifications, Government Resolutions, Circulars issued from time to time. The matters relating to tenders, such as invitation of tenders, acceptance of tenders, etc. are dealt with in accordance with the PWD Manuals and Account Codes by different officers as per the powers delegated to them.


Rules, Regulation, instruction, Manual And Records For Discharging Function

Administrative Section

SI. No Description  List of Contents Price of the Publication of Price
  Rule & Regulation Issued by D.O.P  
1 Sikkim Services Rule 1974 Issued by D.O.P  
2 Sikkim Services Rule Establishment Rule 1974 Issued by D.O.P  
3 Sikkim Govt. Services (Confidence Roll)1976 Issued by D.O.P  
4 Sikkim Govt. Servants conduct rules 1981 Issued by D.O.P  
5 Sikkim Govt. servants (Discipline Appeal) Rules, 1985 Issued by D.O.P  
6 Sikkim Govt. Service (Leave ) Rules 1982 Issued by D.O.P  
7 Sikkim Govt. Services (Revised Pay) Rules 1998 Issued by D.O.P  
8 Sikkim Govt. Services (Advancement Grade) Rules 1999 Issued by D.O.P  
9 Govt. Quaters allotment Rule - 1993 Notification enclosd  
10 Work Charge Mannual Notification enclosed  
11 Planning & Work Cell of the Department PW Code & Manual
Schedule of Rates
Issued by Roads and Bridges  



Norms set for the discharge of Function

The PCE-cum-Secretary is the official head of the Department , he is responsible for the observance of Sikkim Government Service Rules and Sikkim Code and Manual etc. for the smooth functioning of the department. He is guided in principle by the rules and regulations framed by the state government for dealing in matters relating to sufficient working of the department . He is also responsible in dealing with policy matters and other important subject in consultation with the state Government For the efficient working of the department , the Building and housing Department has following section/Divisions/ Sub-Division

1 Administrative Section
2 Accounts Section
3 Planning Section
4 Architectural Section
5 Electrical Section
6 Head Quarter-division
i) Head-quarter I -sub division
ii) Head-quarter II-Sub Division
7 Project division
i) Project sub-division
8 Store division
9 North/East Circle
i) Mangan sub-division
ii) Pakyong Sub-division
iii) Singtam sub-division
10 South/West division
i) Jorethang circle office
ii) Namchi division
iii) Ravangla sub-division
iv) Gyalshing division
v) Gyalshing sub-division
vi) Soreng sub-division

Administrative Section The Administration of the department is looked after, supervised and controlled by Administrative Section.

1 Additional Secretary
2 Deputy Secretary
3 Under Secretary
4 Office Superintendent
5 Head Assistant
6 Stenographer
7 U.D.C
8 L.D.Cs
9 Peons

Sikkim Governemnt Service Rules

Sikkim Financial Services Rules

Sikkim Govt. Quarter Allotment Rules

Sikkim PWD Code and Manual

Schedule of Rate

Important Govt. Circulars and Notification as an when published by the Govt. Additional Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary The duties of those officers are to assist the PCE-cum-secretary, who shall , however, delegate sufficient responsibility and authority to them, so that the work of the department is handled smoothly and efficiently.

Norms Followed in the Administrative Section.

Function/Service Norms/Standards of performance Set Time Frame Reference documents prescribing the norms
1 Annual increment of the Staff of the department Approval and sanction by the Administrative head 1 days Sikkim Services Rule
2 Sanction of leave to Staff Approval and sanction by the Administrative head 1 days Sikkim Govt. Service Leave Rules
3 Forwarding of leave of Officers Approval and sanction by the Administrative head 1 days  
4 Allotment of Govt. quarters of the department to the Govt. employees of the State Approval and sanction by the Administrative head   Sikkim Govt. Quarters Allotment Rules
5 House Rent deduction of the employees residing at the deptt. quarters Approval and sanction by the Administrative head   Sikkim Govt. Quarters Allotment Rules
6 House Rent release of the employees After the handing and taking over papers reach the office, clearance from PHE and power Deptt. Approval is given for release of the H.Rent.   Sikkim Govt. Quarters Allotment Rules
7 Grant of Advancement Grade to Officials Approval by the Department on recommendation of Departmental Promotion Committee   Sikkim Govt. Services Advancement Rules
8 Fixation of Pay on grant advancement grade or promotion employees of the deptt. Approval by the Administrative head   Sikkim Govt. service Fixation of Pay Rules
9 For deployment of Home Guards to the deptt and extension of their deployment period Requisition letter duly approved by the Head of the deptt. Is sent to the office of the Commandment General, Home Guard Sainik Office.    
10 Advertisement Grant of advertisement in regard to achievements of the deptt. Important circulars Notification ect to daily newsparers/ maagzines Advertisement is released after the approval by the head of the department.    
11 Correspondence on official matters with other deptt. Of the state Govt. Letter is sent after the approval by the head of the deptt. And administrative head    
12 Appointment on Muster Roll and Work Charged bassis Governed by the Circular of the Home Deptt.   On basis of the funds available on the projects of the department.


Sl.No Name of the Division/Sub-division Function/Services Norms/Standards of Performance Set Time Frame Reference documents prescribing the norms
1 Planning Division Rent assessment/ Valuation of private building , preparation of monthly progress report vating of department/
Other deptt. estimates
as per the schedule of Rates    
2 Notrth/East Division
a) Pakyong Sub-Division
b) Mangan Sub-Division
c) Singtam Sub-Division
To ask for estimates for projects from the Sub-Division and to submit to the Head Quarter. To prepare the estimate for projects, conduct the survey for various building and submit to the Division Sikkim PWD code Manual Depending upto the type of project  
3 Superintending Engineer As defined by PWD code and Manual Sikkim PWD code Manual Norms set by Engineering Services Rules  
4 South/West Circle Office Jorethang To ask for estimates for projects from the division and submit to Head Office Sikkim PWD code Manual Depending upto the type of project  
5 a) Gyalshing Division
b) Namchi Division
To ask for estimates for projects from the division and submit to Head Office Sikkim PWD code Manual Depending upto the type of project  
6 a)Gyalshing Sub-Division
b) Soreng Sub-Division
c) Ravangla Sub-Division
d) Namchi Sub-Division
To prepare the estimate for project , conduct the survey for various building and submit to the Division Sikkim PWD code Manual Depending upto the type of project  
7 Head Quarter Division
a) Head Quarter I-Sub-Division
b) Head Quarter II-Sub-Division
To prepare the estimate for project , conduct the survey for various building and submit to the Division Sikkim PWD code Manual Depending upto the type of project  
8 Project Division
a) Project Sub-Division
Preparation and execution of projects. Sikkim PWD code Manual Depending upto the type of project  
9 Store Division Collection of stock bldgs. Materials & issue to Div-Sub-Div & contractors Sikkim PWD code Manual Depending upto the type of project  



Directory of Officers and Employees

Please provide information o officers and employees working in different units of office at different levels and their contact addresses in the following format (including officers in charge of grievances redressal. Vigilance. Audit. etc)

List of offocers OFof Buildings and Housing Department and their Telephone/Mobile No.

1 Shri C.P. Gongden PCE Cum Secretary    
2 Shri Shital Pd. Pradhan Chief Engineer    9434103508
3 Smt Samten Dolma Bhutia Special Secretary 232028 9434117515
4 Shri Karma Chopel Bhutia Director Accounts   9434025574
5 Shri Sonam Dadul Bhutia Chief Architect 203180 9434022180
6 Shri Rajen Sharma  Addl. C.E.(S/W)   9609856516
7 Shri Kuldeep Chettri Addl.C.E. (N.E) 270562 9434174588
8 Shri. Karma Tshering Lepcha Joint Secretary   9434137470
9 Smt. Yogeeta Rai Joint Chief Architect 221314 9434110063
10 Shri Y.N. Gautam S.E. (N/E)   9434103194
11 Smt. Asha Gurung S.E. (Project)   9434084115
12 Shri Gozing Lachenpa S.E. (S/W)   9434137306
13 Shri M.M.Pradhan S.E.(Electrical)   9564929319
14 Shri Sonam Dorjee Bhutia S.E. (HQ) 203553 9434186245
15 Smt Pragya Singh S.E. (Planning-II)   9434869136
16 Smt Lakpa Doma Sherpa Deputy Secretary   9434137211
17 Shri Gayden Chopel Bhutia Sr. Architect   9002951369
18 Shri Karma Yenten Bhutia D.E. (Project)   9434164467
19 Shri Karma Samdup Bhutia D.E. (Project)   9474529106
20 Shri Satya Prakash Rai D.E.(N/E)   9434169501
21 Shri Dharni Dhar koirala D.E. Electrical (S/W)   9434137176
22 Shri Thupden Lachungpa D.E.(West)   9434080051
23 Shri Sonam Pintso Bhutia D.E. (South)   9733017987
24 Shri Sonam T. Kaleon D.E. Electrical (N/E)   9434307642
25 Shri Bikash Rai D.E. (HQ-I)   9434117464
26 Smt Kumud Bhattarai Sr. A.O.                                           9434174732
27 Smt. Chumki  Bhutia Under Secretary   9593372010
28 Ms. Passang Lhamu  Sr. P.S to Secretary   9474358707
29 Ms. Sashi Kanta Gurung Sr. P.S. to C.E.   9474978891
30 Smt Pema Chamzey Bhutia Sr. P.S. to Addl. C.E. (N/E)   9832032018
31 Shri Santosh Sharma A.E. HQ-II   9474773746
32 Shri Ganesh Kumar Pradhan A.E. Namchi   8016629037
33 Shri. B.K.Pradhan A.E. (Rabong)   9434382441/
34 Shri Ashok Chettri A.E. (Gyalshing)   9002943421
35 Shri Mahesh Chandra Rai A.E. Electrical (S/W)   9593272175
36 Shri Chewang Zigmee Lachungpa A.E. Project   9800009797
37 Shri Phurba Bhutia A.E Store   9434864261
38 Shri Tulshi Sharma A.E. (Singtam)   9434110020
39 Shri G.R.Sapkota A.E.(Plang.)Under Sus.)   9733382013
40 Shri Sonam W. Bhutia A.E. (Tashiling Project)   9476364556
41 Shri Norboo Bhutia  A.E. (Electrical)   9474522470
42 Mr Karma G. Lachenpa A.E. (Mangan)   9434117665
43 Ms.Raksha Nepal A.E. (HQ-I)   9800110776
44 Shri Mingma T.Sherpa (Act.A.E) Soreng    
45 Smt Sumitra Adhikari (Act. A.E) Planning Division   9647857654
46 Shri Binod Sharma (Act. A.E) Head Quarter -II   9933715075
47 Shri Kailash K.Pradhan (Act.A.E) Pakyong Sub-Division    
48 Shri Mahendra Tamang Asstt. Architect   9434447472
49 Shri Dorjee N. Bhutia Asstt. Architect   9434367261
50 Shri Naresh Pradhan Asstt. Architect   9434447827
51 Mr. Sameer Rai Assistant Artitect   9593386399
52 Ms. Barsha Gurung Assistant Artitect   9933522703
53 Smt. Nima Lhaki Bhutia P.S. to S.E.(S/W)   9434485443
List of Junior Engineer of Buildings & Housing Department & Their Mobile No.

1 Shri Mingma Tashi  Sherpa (Act.A.E) Soreng  
2 Smt Sumitra Adhikari (Act. A.E) Planning Division 9647857654
3 Shri Kailash Kr. Pradhan (Act.A.E) Pakyong Sub-Division  
4 Shri Binod Sharma (Acting A.E) Head Quarter -II 9933715075
5 Miss Tashi Yanki Bhutia Head Quarter -I 9475713012
6 Miss. Tshering Choden Bhutia Head Quarter-I  
7 Shri Sonam Bhutia Head Quarter-II 9735986177
8 Ms. Arati Lamichaney Head Quarter-II 9493976735
9  Shri Tashi Chopel Lepcha                               Quarter-II         Head Quarter-II 9609870232
10 Shri.Khemraj Dhakal Project Division 9434488555
11 Smt. Meena Kalikotey HQ-I 9002305066
12 Shri Dependra Subedi  Project Division 9933450448
13 Shri Durga Prasad Sharma Pakyong Sub-Division 9647874731
14 Shri Kamal Sharma Namchi  
15 Smt. Pema Doma Bhutia  Planning 9593261984
16 Shri Palchen Norbu Bhutia Namchi- Division 9475012303
17 Shri. Lakpa D. Bhutia Mangan Sub- Division 8158883083
18 Shri Jijmee Dorjee Bhutia  Ravongla Sub-Division 9733545701
19 Shri Amit Kumar Zimba Soreng Sub-Division  
20 Shri Pramod Das  Mangan Sub-Division 9832094380
21 Ms. Dichen Tamang Gyalshing Sub Division 9679407267
22 Ms. T. Chozam Lepcha Soreng Sub-Division  
23 Shri Sanjok Sharma Pakyong Sub-Division 9593883758
24 Ms. Sangay Choden  Namchi Sub-Division  
25 Ms. Rajani Jairu Store Division  
26 Shri Reewaj Rana Planning Division  
1 Shri Hemant Gurung HQ-Division 9593378027/9593770792
1 Mr.Nikash Pradhan  Singtam Sub-Division 9800600490
2 Ms. Usha Kiran Pradhan   HQ-I Sub- Division 9635664395
3 Mr. Sanjay Rai Singtam Sub-Division 9593388106
4 Ms. Mickeyla Bhutia Soreng Sub-Division 8768726636
5 Shri Karma Chewang Bhutia North Sub-Division  
6 Shri Pranit Basnett Planning Cell  
7 Shri Rinzing Namgyal Gyalshing Sub-Division  
1 Miss. Mayalmit Lepcha Namchi  
2 Mr. Akash Deep Rai Pakyong  
3 Mr. Kushal Gurung S.E. (Planning)  
1 Mr Rohit Kr. Singh (W/C) Pakyong Sub-Division 9593976413
2 Shri Chewang Rapden Bhutia (Adoc) Mangan Sub-Division 9734009466
3 Miss Jyoti Subba (Adhoc.)  Namchi Division 7602599386
4 Miss Rubina Portel (Adhoc.) Gyalshing Division 7647887440
5 Ms Choden Bhutia (Adhoc)  Gangtok 9593972920
6 Shri Pravakar Sewa (Adhoc) Gangtok 9614148572
7 Shri Kalsang Tenzing Tamang(Adhoc) Gangtok 9775962880
8 Ms Nikila Bhutia (Adhoc) Gyalshing Division 8116149464
9 Shri Pravin Rai (Adhoc) Ravangla Sub-Division 7872962799





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