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Earned Leave: i) A permanent workcharged employee is entitled to earned leave up to 30 days in the year.
ii) A temporary workcharged employee is entitled to earned leave up to 15 days in a year. Provided that leave up to 60 days in case of a permanent employee and 30 days in case of a temporary employee shall be allowed to be accumulated.
iii) The head of the department shall be competent authority to sanction earned leave.
Casual Leave:- A workcharged employee whether permanent or temporary is entitle to casual leave for 10 days in a calendar year. Casual leave can be sanctioned by the Gazetted Officer under whom the workcharged employee is posted.
25. Leave Account:- A Leave account shall be maintained in respect of each workcharged staff to watch a leave earned ,leave taken and the balance of leave at credit at any point of time.


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