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Pay and Allowance

Pay: On initial appointment a workcharged employees shall be given the minimum of the prescribed scale of pay of the post.
Fixation of pay on promotion ,absorption:- The pay of the employee on promotion , absorption etc. shall be regulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Sikkim Government Service Rules as amended from time to time.
Absorption of work charged staff to regular establishment :- No member of the workcharged staff shall be absorbed in the regular establishment except with the prior approval of the Government in the Establishment Department.
Qualifying service for pension and gratuity:- One half of the continuous service rendered in the workcharged establishment shall be treated as continuous and qualifying service in the regular establishment for purpose of pension and gratuity.
Allowances:- The workcharged staff shall be entitled to Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Hill Compensatory Allowance, Difficult Area Allowance and Traveling Allowance. The grant of these allowances shall be regulated in the same manner as their grant to the employed on the regular establishmen


May 03/07/2018


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