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Opening of service book:- When any fresh appointment to the workcharged establishment is made, a Service Book shall be opened immediately. The form of Service Book shall be the same as prescribed for regular Government Servants. Utmost care should be exercised by the office in filling the first page of the service book, particularly in the spellings of the name of the employee and his father's name, his place, his height and marks of personal identification etc. The person's name should be spelled as he writes it or, if he is illiterate as he pronounces it./the entries on the first page of the Service Book shall be attested under the signature and stamp of the Gazetted Officer.
Recording of date of birth in the service book:-
i) In the case of literate worker, the date of birth in his school leaving certificate shall be accepted as his date of birth and recorded in the Service book. In case of an illiterate person he shall be required to produce a certificate from the District Registrar of Birth and Deaths. Where no such proof is available , the person on entering service shall declare his date of birth which shall not differ from any declaration, expressed or implied made for any public purpose before entering service as workcharged. The declaration shall be signed by the person and attested by a witness, or if the person is illiterate, his thumb impression shall be taken in the presence of a literate witness whose signature shall also be taken.

ii) When the year and the month of birth are known, but not the exact date, the 16th of the month shall be treated as the date of Birth. Similarly, when the exact month is not known but the year is only known the date of birth shall be taken as 1st June of that year.

iii) When a person entering service is unable to give his date of birth but gives his age, he shall be assumed to have completed the stated age on the date of attestation. For example if a person entered service on 1st April 1980 an d if on that his age is stated to be 20 yrs , his date of birth shall be taken as 1st April .1960.

iv) Where the person concerned is unable to state his age or the age stated by him is obviously incorrect, it shall be got assessed by the Medical Officer and the age so assessed shall be entered in the Service Book in the manner described above.

v) The date of birth shall also be written in words and attested under the signature and stamp of a gazetted officer.

Performance Report:-A performance report on the work and conduct of each workcharged staff shall be written for each financial year in the form prescribed in Annexure B. The report shall be written by the Junior Engineer under whom the person is employed and such report shall be reviewed by the next higher officer.


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