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Medical Examination Etc

Medical Examination, Character and Antecedents Verification:- i) The persons engaged on work charged establishment shall be medically examined at the time of initial appointment by the Medical Officer of the Government. Similarly, the character and antecedents of such persons shall be got verified at the time of appointment.

ii) No person whose character and antecedents have not been verified shall be allowed to continue on the workcharged establishment for more that six months without obtaining approval of the head of department concerned. iii) Any persons who has no been medially examined and found fit shall not be given initial appointment.


Creation of Posts

Temporary Posts:- Subject to provision for that existing post sanctioned work estimate and also subject to the year sticks that may be prescribed by the department for the category of post, the head of Department shall be competent to sanction creation of temporary posts in the workcharged establishment.
Permanent Posts:- the head of the department, with the prior to approval of Establishment department, shall be competent to sanction creation of permanent posts in the workcharged establishment.

Recruitment Procedure:-As recruitment against the direct the direct recruitment quota shall be made after obtaining the names of persons who have registered themselves with the Employment Cell of the Establishment Department if no suitable candidate is readily available with the Employment Cell then the post may be advertised in the Sikkim Herald stating the age limits and requirements of educational, technical qualifications of experience, if any, prescribed in the relevant recruitment rules.

Recruitment Committee:- Selection of persons to be recruited as Work Charged staff shall be made by a Committee consisting of the followings. i) Head of the Department concerned ii) One Senior Officer of the Department Concerned iii) One Officer of the Establishment Department to be nominated by the secretary, Establishment Department.

Recruitment Rules:-Each department entertaining workcharged establishment shall make clear-out recruitment rules in regard to each category of the post and get them approved by Government through establishment department. These rules shall be inter alia, provide for the scale of pay of the post, duties to be performed, method of recruitment i.e whether by direct recruitment or promotion, indicating specific quota for each, age limit and qualification for direct recruitment, departmental test etc. The rules shall also provide whether age, qualification, departmental test etc prescribed for direct recruitment will also apply in case of appointment by promotion, grade and sources from which promotion is to be made and probationary period if any.

Recruitment:- All posts in the workcharged establishment shall be filled strictly in accordance with the provisions of the recruitment rules for the respective categories.

Appointment :- The head of the department shall be competent to make appointment to the posts in the workcharged establishment.



Age of Retirement:-i) The date of retirement of a workcharged employee shall be the date on which he attains the age of 58 yrs. (amended vide Circular No. 154/GEN/DOPdt: 9.05.2005. Provided that government may at any time retire a work charged employee after he has completed 25 yrs of continuous qualifying service or has attained the age of 50 yrs for reason which Government may consider sufficient in the public interest. In such a case, one month's notice or one month's pay and allowances in lieu thereof may be given by Government. ii) A workcharged employee placed under suspension shall not be permitted to retire until the enquiry into the charge against him is conclude and a final order is passed by Government. Gratuity:-A workcharged employee shall not be entitled to any gratuity before completion of 5ys continuous service. After completion of 5ys continuous service, a workcharged employee shall be entitled to a gratuity equally to one half of his last pay for each completed yrs of service subject to maximum 15 time of the said pay.


Removal of Doubts

Removal of Doubts:-Where a doubt arises as to the interpretation of any of the provisions of this Manual or when a particular case is not covered by the provisions of Manual, the matter shall be referred to the Establishment Department for decisions.
Repeal and Saving:-i) All rules, orders or notification which were in force immediately before the commencement of this manual applicable to work charged staff are hereby repealed. ii) Not withstanding such repeal all action taken under the provisions of the repeated rules, order on notification shall be deemed to have been taken under the corresponding provision of this Manual.
Right to Relax Alter or Augment:- The Government in the Establishment Department may relax alter or augment any of the provisions of this Manual rules according to the exigencies or Department service or in the public interest



Suspension and Disciplinary Proceedings
i) The appointment authority may place workcharged employee under suspension:
a) Where a disciplinary proceeding against him is contemplated or is pending, or
b) Where a case against him in respect of any criminal Offence is under investigation or trial.
ii) Subsistence allowance during a period of suspension as also, pay allowance and treatment of service on reinstatement, shall be regulated in the same manner as in the case of employees on regular establishment.
iii) Where an employee on the workcharged establishment is convinced by a court of law, the appointment authority may after the verdict of the court is known, taken action in consultation with the Establishment Department.


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