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Directory of Officers and Employees

Please provide information o officers and employees working in different units of office at different levels and their contact addresses in the following format (including officers in charge of grievances redressal. Vigilance. Audit. etc)

List of offocers OFof Buildings and Housing Department and their Telephone/Mobile No.

1 Shri C.P. Gongden PCE Cum Secretary    
2 Shri Shital Pd. Pradhan Chief Engineer    9434103508
3 Smt Samten Dolma Bhutia Special Secretary 232028 9434117515
4 Shri Karma Chopel Bhutia Director Accounts   9434025574
5 Shri Sonam Dadul Bhutia Chief Architect 203180 9434022180
6 Shri Rajen Sharma  Addl. C.E.(S/W)   9609856516
7 Shri Kuldeep Chettri Addl.C.E. (N.E) 270562 9434174588
8 Shri. Karma Tshering Lepcha Joint Secretary   9434137470
9 Smt. Yogeeta Rai Joint Chief Architect 221314 9434110063
10 Shri Y.N. Gautam S.E. (N/E)   9434103194
11 Smt. Asha Gurung S.E. (Project)   9434084115
12 Shri Gozing Lachenpa S.E. (S/W)   9434137306
13 Shri M.M.Pradhan S.E.(Electrical)   9564929319
14 Shri Sonam Dorjee Bhutia S.E. (HQ) 203553 9434186245
15 Smt Pragya Singh S.E. (Planning-II)   9434869136
16 Smt Lakpa Doma Sherpa Deputy Secretary   9434137211
17 Shri Gayden Chopel Bhutia Sr. Architect   9002951369
18 Shri Karma Yenten Bhutia D.E. (Project)   9434164467
19 Shri Karma Samdup Bhutia D.E. (Project)   9474529106
20 Shri Satya Prakash Rai D.E.(N/E)   9434169501
21 Shri Dharni Dhar koirala D.E. Electrical (S/W)   9434137176
22 Shri Thupden Lachungpa D.E.(West)   9434080051
23 Shri Sonam Pintso Bhutia D.E. (South)   9733017987
24 Shri Sonam T. Kaleon D.E. Electrical (N/E)   9434307642
25 Shri Bikash Rai D.E. (HQ-I)   9434117464
26 Smt Kumud Bhattarai Sr. A.O.                                           9434174732
27 Smt. Chumki  Bhutia Under Secretary   9593372010
28 Ms. Passang Lhamu  Sr. P.S to Secretary   9474358707
29 Ms. Sashi Kanta Gurung Sr. P.S. to C.E.   9474978891
30 Smt Pema Chamzey Bhutia Sr. P.S. to Addl. C.E. (N/E)   9832032018
31 Shri Santosh Sharma A.E. HQ-II   9474773746
32 Shri Ganesh Kumar Pradhan A.E. Namchi   8016629037
33 Shri. B.K.Pradhan A.E. (Rabong)   9434382441/
34 Shri Ashok Chettri A.E. (Gyalshing)   9002943421
35 Shri Mahesh Chandra Rai A.E. Electrical (S/W)   9593272175
36 Shri Chewang Zigmee Lachungpa A.E. Project   9800009797
37 Shri Phurba Bhutia A.E Store   9434864261
38 Shri Tulshi Sharma A.E. (Singtam)   9434110020
39 Shri G.R.Sapkota A.E.(Plang.)Under Sus.)   9733382013
40 Shri Sonam W. Bhutia A.E. (Tashiling Project)   9476364556
41 Shri Norboo Bhutia  A.E. (Electrical)   9474522470
42 Mr Karma G. Lachenpa A.E. (Mangan)   9434117665
43 Ms.Raksha Nepal A.E. (HQ-I)   9800110776
44 Shri Mingma T.Sherpa (Act.A.E) Soreng    
45 Smt Sumitra Adhikari (Act. A.E) Planning Division   9647857654
46 Shri Binod Sharma (Act. A.E) Head Quarter -II   9933715075
47 Shri Kailash K.Pradhan (Act.A.E) Pakyong Sub-Division    
48 Shri Mahendra Tamang Asstt. Architect   9434447472
49 Shri Dorjee N. Bhutia Asstt. Architect   9434367261
50 Shri Naresh Pradhan Asstt. Architect   9434447827
51 Mr. Sameer Rai Assistant Artitect   9593386399
52 Ms. Barsha Gurung Assistant Artitect   9933522703
53 Smt. Nima Lhaki Bhutia P.S. to S.E.(S/W)   9434485443
List of Junior Engineer of Buildings & Housing Department & Their Mobile No.

1 Shri Mingma Tashi  Sherpa (Act.A.E) Soreng  
2 Smt Sumitra Adhikari (Act. A.E) Planning Division 9647857654
3 Shri Kailash Kr. Pradhan (Act.A.E) Pakyong Sub-Division  
4 Shri Binod Sharma (Acting A.E) Head Quarter -II 9933715075
5 Miss Tashi Yanki Bhutia Head Quarter -I 9475713012
6 Miss. Tshering Choden Bhutia Head Quarter-I  
7 Shri Sonam Bhutia Head Quarter-II 9735986177
8 Ms. Arati Lamichaney Head Quarter-II 9493976735
9  Shri Tashi Chopel Lepcha                               Quarter-II         Head Quarter-II 9609870232
10 Shri.Khemraj Dhakal Project Division 9434488555
11 Smt. Meena Kalikotey HQ-I 9002305066
12 Shri Dependra Subedi  Project Division 9933450448
13 Shri Durga Prasad Sharma Pakyong Sub-Division 9647874731
14 Shri Kamal Sharma Namchi  
15 Smt. Pema Doma Bhutia  Planning 9593261984
16 Shri Palchen Norbu Bhutia Namchi- Division 9475012303
17 Shri. Lakpa D. Bhutia Mangan Sub- Division 8158883083
18 Shri Jijmee Dorjee Bhutia  Ravongla Sub-Division 9733545701
19 Shri Amit Kumar Zimba Soreng Sub-Division  
20 Shri Pramod Das  Mangan Sub-Division 9832094380
21 Ms. Dichen Tamang Gyalshing Sub Division 9679407267
22 Ms. T. Chozam Lepcha Soreng Sub-Division  
23 Shri Sanjok Sharma Pakyong Sub-Division 9593883758
24 Ms. Sangay Choden  Namchi Sub-Division  
25 Ms. Rajani Jairu Store Division  
26 Shri Reewaj Rana Planning Division  
1 Shri Hemant Gurung HQ-Division 9593378027/9593770792
1 Mr.Nikash Pradhan  Singtam Sub-Division 9800600490
2 Ms. Usha Kiran Pradhan   HQ-I Sub- Division 9635664395
3 Mr. Sanjay Rai Singtam Sub-Division 9593388106
4 Ms. Mickeyla Bhutia Soreng Sub-Division 8768726636
5 Shri Karma Chewang Bhutia North Sub-Division  
6 Shri Pranit Basnett Planning Cell  
7 Shri Rinzing Namgyal Gyalshing Sub-Division  
1 Miss. Mayalmit Lepcha Namchi  
2 Mr. Akash Deep Rai Pakyong  
3 Mr. Kushal Gurung S.E. (Planning)  
1 Mr Rohit Kr. Singh (W/C) Pakyong Sub-Division 9593976413
2 Shri Chewang Rapden Bhutia (Adoc) Mangan Sub-Division 9734009466
3 Miss Jyoti Subba (Adhoc.)  Namchi Division 7602599386
4 Miss Rubina Portel (Adhoc.) Gyalshing Division 7647887440
5 Ms Choden Bhutia (Adhoc)  Gangtok 9593972920
6 Shri Pravakar Sewa (Adhoc) Gangtok 9614148572
7 Shri Kalsang Tenzing Tamang(Adhoc) Gangtok 9775962880
8 Ms Nikila Bhutia (Adhoc) Gyalshing Division 8116149464
9 Shri Pravin Rai (Adhoc) Ravangla Sub-Division 7872962799





Hon'ble GovernorShri Shriniwas Patil

Hon'ble Chief MinisterShri Pawan Chamling


In past, the Sikkim Public works Department used to undertake all engineering related tasks. It was only in the late 80s that the Sikkim Public Works Department was restructured and specialized departments including Buildings & Housing Department were formed.The mandate given to the newly formed Buildings & Housing Department was development of physical infrastructure in Sikkim in form of buildings, the Buildings & Housing Department is also tasked with maintenance of these structures.
The Buildings & Housing Department Is further empowered to regulate and scrutinise the DPRs of mega industrial projects, Pharmaceutical factories and other related structures.
Construction is taken up under two budget heads : Residential Building under Housing Sector and Non-residential Buildings under Public Works Sector.
These two founding task of Buildings & Housing Department lends to the tangible and intangible developmental dividends for sikkim. The Buildings & Housing Department also shares it expertise and experience with other Departments for the construction of buildings under their department.
the Buildings & Housing Department also carries out maintenance and special repairs of all the government buildings which come under public works and housing sectors. The department also organises training and conducts seminars on new emerging technologies like GRIHA. All works taken up by the department are executed as per laid down procedures and provisions envisioned in Sikkim Public Works Code and Manual. Under the present Government, the manpower of the department has seen a major increase with experts on specific fields. The overall administrative structure is in the following pages.


MinisterShri D.T Lepcha

P.C.E.-cum- SecretaryShri R.B Thapa

Good Construction Practices
Sub Structures

The youth are the hope and future of the country and play a vital role in fostering and strengthening of social consciousness against all social evils.

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Super Structures

The youth are the hope and future of the country and play a vital role in fostering and strengthening of social consciousness against all social evils.

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Green Building

The youth are the hope and future of the country and play a vital role in fostering and strengthening of social consciousness against all social evils.

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Sikkim at a Glance

Total Area: 7,096 km2 (2,740 sq mi)
Area rank: 28th
Population (2011)
• Total: 610,577
• Rank: 29th
• Density: 86/km2 (220/sq mi)
• Official Nepali English
• Additional official Bhutia Gurung Lepcha Limbu Manger Mukhia Newari Rai Sherpa Sikkimese Tamang

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Middle Block, SPWD, Nirman Bhavan,Zero Point
Gangtok,Sikkim 737101

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