This Manual shall be collection of executive orders and shall into force from the date of its Notification.

1) WorkCharged establishment means such establishment the staff of which is employed for the actual execution, as distinct from general Supervision, of specific work or of sub-works of specific project or, upon the subordinate supervision of department, Labour, stores and machinery in connection with such work or sub-work. The cost of entertainment of work-charged establishment shall invariably be shown as a separate sub-hand of the estimate for a work.               

2) Work charged establishment does no include other employees such as clerks, draftsman or subordinate or extra establishment of any kind for the Divisional or Sub-divisional Offices, whose cost of entertainment is being properly chargeable to the regular establishment. It also does not include casual or muster roll workers.   

Note:- A list of posts which should normally be included in the workcharged establishment is given in Annexure-A    
3 CATEGORIES OF WORKCHARGED ESTABLISHMENT:- The Work charged establishment is to be divided into the following two categories, namely:- i) Permanent  ii) Temporary                

4. PERMANENT :- Work charged Establishment will be that establishment the posts of which are declared by the Establishment Department as permanent on Account of the permanent nature of duties to be performed by the incumbents of such posts.              

5. TEMPORARY:- Work charged establishment will be that establishment the posts of which are declared by the Head of Department concerned as temporary on Account of the temporary duties to be performed by the incumbents of such posts.

NOTE:- Persons engaged against the temporary establishment will be on the footing of monthly servants. If they are engaged for a special work , their engagement lasts only for the period during the work lasts. If discharged otherwise than for serious misconduct before the completion of the work entitled to one monthly notice or one months pay in lieu of notice but otherwise with or without notice their engagement terminates when the work ends. They desire to resign their appointments they will be require to give one months notice of their intention to do so. The terms of engagement should be clearly explained to persons employed in circumstances mentioned above.         

6. CLASSIFICATION WORKCHARGED ESTABLISHMENT:- Depending on the skill involved in the duties attached to them, the workcharged posts may be classified as unskilled, semi-skilled ,or highly skilled.