(A) ‘4059’ – PUBLIC WORKS.

With the rapid development activities and change of socio-economic policy of the Government thereby bringing about decentralization of administration, the need for establishment and augmentation of administrative centre in the districts and sub-divisions is inevitable. After the creation of 8 sub-divisions in addition to the districts, the development of infrastructural facilities at all sub-divisions was given higher priority.
The Sikkim Public Works (Building & Housing) Department is solely responsible for the construction of Non-Residential accommodations under Public Works. A great emphasis was given in the 10th Plan period to bring administration closer to the people by way of de-centralization of the administrative structure to village level. For this purpose the basic infrastructure viz. the office building in an around Gangtok and in the districts and sub-divisions have been covered. All non-residential building, Guest Houses, Courts, Community Centers hospitals (other the those constructed and maintained by other government departments) and all other public utility building of Government and Semi- Government Organization including those of autonomous bodies like Boards, corporation Companies come under public works. Office accommodation both in the capital and the districts is the basic infrastructure for providing efficient administration for the convenience and benefit of general public. The fact that a number of Govt. offices are running in the premises in the capital, as well as in the district and Sub-Divisional Level Provides ample evidence of acute shortage of Office accommodation. It has therefore become a necessary to construct more office buildings especially in Gangtok, the capital.


(B) Housing-Sector

The activities covered under this sector includes development of residential accommodation both at the state head quarters as well as the districts and sub-divisional levels for government employees.
Housing being a state subject is an integral part of our policy of improvement of human settlements and economic developments. The main idea behind construction of residential quarters is not only to improve housing conditions and for providing basic amenities to the government employees but also emphasizes new construction and up-gradation of housing besides generating government revenue through house rent and license fee deducted from their salaries.