The term 'Original Works’ indicates construction of entirely new works or even alterations to existing works. The term ‘Repairs and Maintenance’ indicates primary operations undertaken to maintain in proper conditions the building works. For every initiated work by the department, the administrative approval is obtained, prior to taking up the work.

As per rules for allocation of business of Government of Sikkim the department is responsible for :-

i) Survey, Investigation, Planning design, Estimation & Execution of major and minor building projects including maintenance of residential/non-residential government building under the department.

ii) Allotment of government quarter.

iii) Administration of premised tenancy law.

iv) Undertaking Building project works relating to different Department of Govt. of Sikkim as well as of other Local Bodies.

v) Fixation of rent of Private premises requisitioned for housing government offices

vi) The Department realizes a sum of Rs.36 lakhs per annum from house rent deductions