Chapter 16 
          Particulars of Facilities to Citizens for obtaining Information
                                      [Section) (1) (b) xv)]


Facility Description (location of Facility/name etc) Details of information made available
Notice Board

Notice board has been displayed at the entrance

of the office building and

in the Administration floor of the department

Office circulars , Govt. Notification, Notice inviting Tenders
Publication Sikkim Government Newspaper i.e. Sikkim Hereald and other and other local newspaper, national Newspapers and Magizines Notice Inviting tenders, important circulars relating to the department various training Programmes being organized by the department , Achivment of the department
Information Counter

Information as required by the general public relating to the department is made available in different section of the department

Notic inviting Tender, regarding, advertisement, employment, etc.

Other Facilities Radio (Door-darshan) Local


As and when requested some minor information are made available in the form of duplicate copies or is given verbally by the officer concerned  
Website Website of the department shall be installed very shortly I.e. By June 2008 All the information required to the general public under RTI shall be displayed in the website.


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