Chapter 15
Information Available in Electronic form
[Section 4(1) (b) x(iv)]

Please provided the details of information related to the various scheme of the Department which are available in Electronic Formats (Floppy, CD, VCD, Web Sites, Internet etc.)

The Department provides information in Floppy, CD, VCD, When somebody approaches in that from and website is also is being created by the Department for providing information to the Public

Organisation, Functions and Duties | Powers and duties of Officers and Employees | Procedures Followed in Decision Making Process including Channels of Supervision | Norms set for the discharge of Function | Rules, Regulation, instruction, Manual And Records For Discharging Function | Directory of Officers and Employees | Monthly remuneration received by officers & Employees including the system of compensation as provided in regulations | Budget allocated to each agency including, plans etc. | Information available in electronic form | Particulars of facilities to citizens for obtaining information | Name, Designations and other particulars of public information officers