Chapter 6
Rules, Regulation, instruction, Manual And Records For Discharging Function
                                      [ Section 4 (1) (b) (v) & (vi) ]


Administrative Section

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  Rule & Regulation Issued by D.O.P  
1 Sikkim Services Rule 1974 Issued by D.O.P  
2 Sikkim Services Rule Establishment Rule 1974 Issued by D.O.P  
3 Sikkim Govt. Services (Confidence Roll)1976 Issued by D.O.P  
4 Sikkim Govt. Servants conduct rules 1981 Issued by D.O.P  
5 Sikkim Govt. servants (Discipline Appeal) Rules, 1985 Issued by D.O.P  
6 Sikkim Govt. Service (Leave ) Rules 1982 Issued by D.O.P  
7 Sikkim Govt. Services (Revised Pay) Rules 1998 Issued by D.O.P  
8 Sikkim Govt. Services (Advancement Grade) Rules 1999 Issued by D.O.P  
9 Govt. Quaters allotment Rule - 1993 Notification enclosd  
10 Work Charge Mannual Notification enclosed  
11 Planning & Work Cell of the Department PW Code & Manual
Schedule of Rates
Issued by Roads and Bridges  


Organisation, Functions and Duties | Powers and duties of Officers and Employees | Procedures Followed in Decision Making Process including Channels of Supervision | Norms set for the discharge of Function | Rules, Regulation, instruction, Manual And Records For Discharging Function | Directory of Officers and Employees | Monthly remuneration received by officers & Employees including the system of compensation as provided in regulations | Budget allocated to each agency including, plans etc. | Information available in electronic form | Particulars of facilities to citizens for obtaining information | Name, Designations and other particulars of public information officers