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Gangtok,East Sikkim

One of the landmark buildings in OGangtok, Chintan Bhawan is a venue for major government and non-government functions. This state-of-art building located at Nam Nam caters to conferences, meetings and seminars of national and international levels. It has hosted the Prime Minister, Union Ministers, renowned figures and other distinguished international luminaries.


Gangtok,East Sikkim

Palzor stadium is the multi-sports complex inaugurated by the then President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on September 22, 2005 in presence of Chief Minister Pawan Chamling. The Government of Sikkim took a historic decision to upgrade the stadium with all modern facilities towards the betterment of football and other sports in the State. It was also aimed to enhance the stadiumgoing comfort for the spectators and to accommodate a larger audience.


Gangtok,East Sikkim

The new Raj Bhawan is the official Tresidence of the Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim. The construction of the new Raj Bhawan, Gangtok was sanctioned at a cost of Rs. 42.59 crore. The structure has a plinth area of 44,500 sq ft.


Gangtok,East Sikkim

Manan Kendra is a towering structure that has emerged as a new landmark in the State capital. It is a multi-purpose cultural centre and State-level library located at Development Area in Gangtok. It was sanctioned in 2005 at a total cost of Rs. 34.27crore and completed in 2012. Some of the world-standard cultural facilities in the State are offered by Manan Kendra.


Gangtok,East Sikkim

Samman Bhawan is an architectural beauty from the Buildings & Housing Department that serves an important public purpose. It is a venue where public and officials meet the Hon’ble Chief Minister. Samman Bhawan was constructed in April 2002. It houses a large public meeting hall where people and officials are seated during their meetings with the Hon’ble Chief Minister. The building also has a Chief Minister’s Office, staff and officers’ room, visitor’s lounge, frisking kiosk and security room. The building is located near the tri-junction at Nehru Point below Mintokgang. Later, the Phase II works were taken up as the existing Samman Bhawan was found inadequate for increased establishment of the Chief Minister’s Office and also to convene meetings with guests from outside the State. It was also necessitated to address the required security aspects of the Hon’ble Chief Minister in the existing structure. Accordingly, an additional structure adjacent to the existing building was constructed. It houses the Chief Minister’s Office, Cabinet Hall, office for the principal secretary to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, offices for other officers and a rooftop lounge. The work also included remodelling, renovation and repairs of the existing Samman Bhawan. The building with a built up area of around 11,000 sq ft also provide a green terrace retreat. Exclusive finishes and modern gadgets have been installed. The cost of the project was Rs. 11.50 crore and was completed in a record time of eight months from the day of its commencement.


Gangtok, East Sikkim

The project of constructing the All India Services Quarters was completed in 2011 at the sanctioned cost of Rs. 7.24 crore. It has fifteen units along with a health club for the officials. The building was designed by the Architectural Wing, Buildings & Housing Department. The floor area of Class1A quarter is 1,624 sq ft. Similarly, the floor area for Class 1B quarter is 1,455 sq ft.


Gangtok, East Sikkim

The previous Gangtok Sadar Police Station Tnear Old Children’s Park above M.G. Marg was limited in size to meet the increasing administrative and police works. The total size of the old Gangtok Sadar Police Station was 1,444 sq ft only, a tiny space for the main police station of the capital. The parking facility was also inadequate. Taking into all these aspects and as per the requirement of the Police Department, a six-storied Gangtok Sadar Police Station building has been designed and built near Manan Kendra at a cost of Rs. 4.5 crore. The new Gangtok Sadar Police Station meets all the requirements of a modern police station and is a visual delight due to the unique design and structure. Gangtok, East Sikkim


Following are some of the construction works undertaken by the Buildings & Housing Department in Singtam & Rangpo area from 1994 to 2016.

TGuest House for Rajya Sainik Board at Singtam, Food Godown and Class III & IV quarters at Rangpo, VLO-cum quarters at Duga, Fire Station at Singtam, Police Station-cum-Class II & III quarters, Fire Station and Class IV quarters at Rangpo, Mechanical Sub Division Office at Sirwani, Display Centre for Handicrafts & Handlooms, security check post building at Rangpo, upgradation of ITI at Rangpo, Special Branch office at Rangpo, Food Godown at Singtam, Pharmacy College at Sajong, Food Godown at Makha, Livelihood School at Nazitam, Livelihood School at Ralung.


Pakyong, East Sikkim

The Fire & Emergency Services Station at Pakyong was constructed at a total cost of Rs. 1.46 crore in 2009-10. The fire station was a much required public facility considering the rapid urbanization of Pakyong bazaar and nearby small towns. The building is a five-storied RCC structure having the provision for two fire tenders with ramp entry facility, office, water storage and family quarters for five personnel. The total plinth area is 12,160 sq ft.


Pakyong, East Sikkim

The Model Police Station at Pakyong was constructed in 2006-07 at a total cost of Rs. 39.41 lakh. The total plinth area is 3,556 sq ft. It is a two-storied RCC building with the ground floor consisting of two separate hazats for male and female, two rooms for Police officers, visitor's room, entrance and toilets. The first floor has a hall, a room for firearms, rest room for women, wireless communication room, malkhana and toilets.


Hon'ble GovernorShri Shriniwas Patil

Hon'ble Chief MinisterShri Pawan Chamling


In past, the Sikkim Public works Department used to undertake all engineering related tasks. It was only in the late 80s that the Sikkim Public Works Department was restructured and specialized departments including Buildings & Housing Department were formed.The mandate given to the newly formed Buildings & Housing Department was development of physical infrastructure in Sikkim in form of buildings, the Buildings & Housing Department is also tasked with maintenance of these structures.
The Buildings & Housing Department Is further empowered to regulate and scrutinise the DPRs of mega industrial projects, Pharmaceutical factories and other related structures.
Construction is taken up under two budget heads : Residential Building under Housing Sector and Non-residential Buildings under Public Works Sector.
These two founding task of Buildings & Housing Department lends to the tangible and intangible developmental dividends for sikkim. The Buildings & Housing Department also shares it expertise and experience with other Departments for the construction of buildings under their department.
the Buildings & Housing Department also carries out maintenance and special repairs of all the government buildings which come under public works and housing sectors. The department also organises training and conducts seminars on new emerging technologies like GRIHA. All works taken up by the department are executed as per laid down procedures and provisions envisioned in Sikkim Public Works Code and Manual. Under the present Government, the manpower of the department has seen a major increase with experts on specific fields. The overall administrative structure is in the following pages.


MinisterShri D.T Lepcha

P.C.E.-cum- SecretaryShri R.B Thapa

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The youth are the hope and future of the country and play a vital role in fostering and strengthening of social consciousness against all social evils.

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The youth are the hope and future of the country and play a vital role in fostering and strengthening of social consciousness against all social evils.

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The youth are the hope and future of the country and play a vital role in fostering and strengthening of social consciousness against all social evils.

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Sikkim at a Glance

Total Area: 7,096 km2 (2,740 sq mi)
Area rank: 28th
Population (2011)
• Total: 610,577
• Rank: 29th
• Density: 86/km2 (220/sq mi)
• Official Nepali English
• Additional official Bhutia Gurung Lepcha Limbu Manger Mukhia Newari Rai Sherpa Sikkimese Tamang

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